About KEBO

Founded in 2006, Constant-velocity joint or CV Joint and drive shaft has been the core business of Kaizen Autoparts Sdn Bhd.

Kaizen Autoparts Sdn Bhd started as a small scale business 8 years ago. Through hard work, sacrifice and persistence, the company has now developed into a leading brand in Malaysia. It has also achieved a remarkable reputation for quality and customer service as well as customer satisfaction on our product safety.

Kaizen Autoparts Sdn Bhd has been the expert in Constant-velocity joint or CV Joint and drive shaft industry. Our main focus is to supply the best quality CV Joint and drive shaft to the Malaysian Market.

Our manufacturer in China was founded in September 1994, focus on manufacturing drive shaft and constant velocity joints or CV Joint.

Specializing in R&D and manufacturing of drive shaft and CV Joint, we equipped with the most advance manufacturing and testing facilities, full process of production is done in our factory including forging, heat treatment, fine machining, assembling and packaging. In 2002 our manufacturer have implement ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management system into our management process.

With generosity to all and ever, the people of the group will strive for perpetual great exploit.

We will assured a good service to our customer based on our enterprise experience, practice, honesty, unity and profession.

To fulfill our duty with honesty and have theory and practice unify, which is the core value of our enterprise, with this we will find our place in the industry.

KEBO and KAIZEN is the registered trademark of constant velocity joints or CV Joint & drive shaft product distributed by Kaizen Autoparts Sdn Bhd in 2008.

Our company will continue to adhere to the quality first, reputation first, customer first, service first philosophy, quality products, suitable price dedication to our customers to provide services.

Having excellent full size of the huge aftermarket of automobile, the top management of the company brings the ideas of service and value into our marketing practices and makes it an important link and full confidence of the company for the expansion of South East Asia market particularly Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.